Live Earth ratings dwarfed by Diana concert

Less TV viewers for climate change gig then memorial show

The Live Earth concert at Wembley Stadium on Saturday (July 7), broadcast on the BBC, attracted only a third of the amount of people the Princess Diana tribute concert did the weekend before (July 1).

Ratings for the Live Earth show, featuring Kasabian, Razorlight, Keane and Foo Fighters, averaged out at 3.1 million viewers, compared to 11.4 million viewers for the Diana tribute which featured Kanye West, P Diddy and Elton John.

Additionally 123 people complained to the BBC about swearing during the Live Earth show, after Madonna affectionately called the crowd “motherfuckers”.

The BBC said they were “sorry for any offence” the swearing caused.

A further 413 people complained at the decision to cut from Metallica’s performance to show Crowded House’s rendition of ‘Weather With You’ from the Sydney leg instead.