Madonna brings Live Earth London to its climax

Pop Queen performs song written for Wembley Show

Madonna brought the UK leg of Live Earth to a spectacular close tonight (July 7).

The Queen Of Pop headlined the international cimate change awareness concert’s UK leg at Wembley Stadium.

Madonna‘s show was preceded by a symbolic turning-off of all of venue’s “non-essential lighting” which plunged most of the venue into the true darkness of night, except for the flashes of camera phone and lighters.

Compereing the moment, actor Terence Stamp declared: “Let’s not be endarkened by this, let’s be enlighteened by this. Let it be the beginning of an adventure!”

Moments later Madonna opened her set with ‘Hey You’, a brand new song written especially for this event, which was also used as the bridging music between bands all day at Wembley.

The screens showed images of world leaders were transposed with natural disasters.

Quickly the singer broke into the hits, picking up a guitar to perform ‘Ray Of Light’ as she provoked the crowd by shouting: “There’s been a lot of talk about conserving energy tonight, but right now I don’t want to hear any one of you save any of your energy right now! C’mon motherfuckers! If I’m playing a guitar, not one of tour feet can touch the ground! I wanna see this whole city jumping!”

She followed this by declaring: “We’re starting an avalanche of awareness that we are running out of time. Tonight’s concert, and the concerts going on around the world, are not just about entertainment, they’re about starting a revolution! Amen!”

To illustrate the point, as NME.COM predicted earlier this week,

she then welcomed Gogol Bordello stars Eugene Hutz and Sergey Ryabtsev for a guest spot in a Eastern European flavoured version of ‘La Isla Bonita’.

Talking exclusively to NME.COM Hutz explained: “It’s quite a huge rock n roll moment. It’s a big gig? I guess so! It just has a great organic feel to it all. The way it came together. Madonna is coming from just enjoying music and it goes from there.”

With recent number one ‘Hung Up’ bringing Live Earth in the UK to its climax, Madonna told the crowd: “This is your last chance to show that you care about the planet,” before leading the crowd toward a chant of the song’s finale, “time goes by so slowly”.

Madonna played:

‘Hey You’

‘Ray Of Light’

‘La Isla Bonita’

‘Hung Up’

Live Earth will now continue with legs in New York and Rio. Stay tuned to NME.COM for live reports.