Live Nation admits putting tickets straight on the resale market

They worked with a ticketing consultant to move mass quantities of Metallica tickets

Ticketing giant Live Nation has responded to claims that it sold tickets directly to the resale market.

The controversial practice has long been suspected by fans, after in-demand tickets appeared on resale sites for inflated prices only minutes after selling out.

It has also become more prevalent in recent years, leading to fears that fans could become entirely priced out of seeing their favourite acts perform live.


But for the first time, Live Nation has now admitted that the company worked with a ticketing consultant to move mass quantities of Metallica tickets to the resale market, confirming the long held suspicions of fans.

According to Billboard, the company joined forces with a ticketing consultant who was working with Metallica. He reportedly began moving tickets to see the metal icons to resale platforms after the band performed at the opening of Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium in 2016 and made a considerable profit when more than 10,000 tickets for that show were sold “on the secondary market without the band’s participation.”

While artists are said to be in control of where tickets are sold, many allow consultants to make decisions.

Live Nation also claimed that between 2016 and 2017, “about a dozen artists out of the thousands we work with” asked for tickets to be sold directly to the resale market.

“Live Nation does not have a practice of placing tickets on the secondary market,” a Live Nation spokesman told NME. “Our standard practice is to use Ticketmaster’s Platinum, VIP and other tools to help tours price closer to true market value. In this situation, a consultant for the band opted to use the secondary market to try to capture that value.”


They added: “In 2016, Metallica performed a single show in Minneapolis at which more than 10,000 tickets were transacted on the secondary market without the band’s participation. After seeing the volume of secondary transactions for that show and the benefit being captured by brokers, the independent consultant worked with Live Nation on a unique distribution strategy that used the secondary market as a sales distribution channel for select high-end tickets.”

Last week in the UK, Google suspended secondary ticket website Viagogo from advertising amid pressure from MPs and campaigners.