Liverpool’s Meraki nightclub saved as development plan falls through

"For the time being at least we’ll party with a little less baggage this weekend"

Liverpool nightclub Meraki has been saved from impending closure after the local council denied plans to build a block of flats across the road.

The plans were originally put forward in February 2022, with Meraki’s future threatened by proposals to redevelop the area and convert the warehouse opposite their building into flats. The club then launched a campaign for regulars to put in a representation on the developers’ website before it goes to the council planning stages.

Earlier this week, however, Meraki confirmed in a video posted to their social media that their future now looked more certain after the council scrapped the redevelopment plans.


“We haven’t told you this until now, but we painted this on the roof last year so when potential flat buyers looked at apartments, they would know there was a nightclub across the road,” Meraki said, showing a sign that reads: ‘This is a nightclub’ across the roof.

They also mentioned that their fight to sta open could face another setbck if the developer appeals the decision with amendments, which they have six months to do. “Whilst we hope we don’t have to, we may again call for your help in the not so distant future.”

Meraki continued: “We may never know how many of you raised a representation to the council, but to each and every one of you that did, thank you. It’s hard to put into words the scale of the impact this would have had on Meraki and we’re forever indebted to each and every one of you that helped even just a tiny bit throughout this campaign so far. Also big shouts to Music Venue Trust and everyone else who helped us along the way behind the scenes, be it an email proof or a nudge in the right direction. Collective action works.”

They concluded: “Another building around the corner could apply for planning permission tomorrow for all we know, but for the time being at least we’ll party with a little less baggage this weekend.”

If the proposals had been agreed to, prospective residents could issue noise complaints about the club ot the council, which would have lead to them needing to alter their operating hours or the flats having to be soundproofed “to a very high standard”. Either situation could have forced Meraki to shut its doors for good.

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