Liz Phair returns with ‘Good Side’, her first single in 10 years

Liz Phair is back...

Liz Phair has released new single ‘Good Side’ and confirmed that her first album in 10 years will be arriving early next year.

The track sees her reuniting with Brad Wood – who produced Phair’s acclaimed 1993 debut ‘Exile in Guvyille’.

She told Stereogum of with Wood again: “I think the comprehensive and gorgeous reissue of my first record plus the Girly-Sound track made me nostalgic for the old days – thinking about the mindset we had when we were just starting out. I think I was curious to see what kind of music Brad and I (and Casey) would make now, on the other side of our careers.”

As for the track itself, which can be listened to here,  she said it was thematically connected to Horror Stories – her recent autobiography.

“Yes, I think there’s a sense of counterbalancing the weight of my memoir being concerned with the darkness and haunting aspects of the past,” Phair admitted.

“‘Good Side’ captures the optimism and acceptance I feel even in the face of disappointments.”

The album, meanwhile, will arrive in Spring 2020 and sees her also reuniting with Casey Rice – who played guitars on ‘Exile…’

“We’ll drop in early spring. Worked with Brad Wood, who produced my early records,” she said.

“Casey Rice, engineer and guitarist on my first record Exile In Guyville, has agreed to lend us a few guitar hooks, too.”