Lizzo once auditioned for ‘The Glee Project’

Former 'Glee' star Kevin McHale revealed that she didn't make the final cut, though

Lizzo once auditioned for a place on The Glee Project, it’s been revealed.

The reality TV series aired for two seasons between 2011 and 2012, and promised the winner of the competition a significant role in a future season of Glee. The sixth and final season of Glee aired in 2015.

Glee star Kevin McHale, who played Artie Abrams on the teen drama series, is currently competing in The X Factor: Celebrity series in the UK, and opened the show on Saturday (October 26) with a rendition of Lizzo’s ‘Good As Hell’.


Explaining that he chose the song because he considers it to be “incredible”, McHale then revealed that Lizzo once auditioned for the Glee Project but didn’t make the final cut — a decision he called “fucked up.”

McHale also referenced the seven weeks that Lizzo’s other single ‘Truth Hurts’ recently spent at number one in the US.

The song has become the subject of controversy in recent times, however. Lizzo filed a lawsuit last week against three songwriters who have accused the ‘Juice’ pop star of lifting the “melody, lyrics and chords” from a demo titled ‘Healthy’ that they worked on with Lizzo for ‘Truth Hurts’.

Lizzo released a fresh remix of ‘Good As Hell’ on Friday (October 25), with Ariana Grande providing guest vocals for the new version.

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