Lizzo promotes healing by leading a group mediation on Instagram

The singer encouraged her fans to find some calm in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic

Lizzo took to Instagram this weekend to promote healing through group mediation – watch below.

Encouraging her fans to find some calm in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, the singer led a meditation, complete with crystals and smoking incense.

Lizzo captioned a video of herself playing the flute while seated in front of a collection of crystals and smoking incense, “A meditation and mantra to promote healing during this global crisis.”


“As some of you might know I was scheduled to play the Houston Rodeo today,” she explained after finishing her flute composition. “And we had to cancel, as many, many, many artists and schools and work places and places of business had to also do the same because of the current pandemic that is causing this global crisis.”

Going on to guide fans in coping with their fear during this time, during her 30-minute video she said: “I wanted to take the time today to do a mass meditation. We’re going to come together and take deep breaths and we’re going to join in agreement, and we’re going to try to eliminate the fear as much as we can, as we work together during this trying time. During this global pandemic.”

She added: “I want us all to meditate on people being clean, taking all the precautions. We need to really listen to each other. We need to really feel each other out. We need to really be there to help each other. We can’t be afraid of each other, so that means we have to be doing the right things to be safe: face masks, washing hands… So we’re going to take all of this fear and transmute it into love.”

Meanwhile, Lizzo has questioned social media video sharing app TikTok, saying the site has taken down videos she has posted wearing a bathing suit.


The singer, who is renowned for promoting body positivity and embracing revealing costumes on stage, told TikTok “we need to talk” after making the accusations and pointing out that other women were permitted to show off their bodies.

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