Lizzo secures trademark for the phrase “100 per cent that bitch”

It comes after some four years of fighting for the exclusive rights to the phrase

The US Patent and Trademark Office has finally conceded that Lizzo is, after all, “100 per cent that bitch”, formally granting her a trademark for the phrase made iconic by her 2017 single ‘Truth Hurts’.

Lizzo had been gunning to make the phrase a trademark since 2019 (when ‘Truth Hurts’ became a sleeper hit), but was routinely turned away by the US Patent and Trademark Office. She emerged victorious this week, however, when the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled that “100 per cent that bitch” is, as a phrase, inexplicably linked to Lizzo.

As reported by Rolling Stone, the Board said in its ruling: “Consumers encountering [‘100 per cent that bitch’] on the specific types of clothing identified in the application – even when offered by third parties – associate the term with Lizzo and her music.”


The US Patent and Trademark Office had initially argued that “100 per cent that bitch” was not unique enough to Lizzo to warrant her owning the rights to its usage; they reportedly shot her application down because the line was considered a “motivational phrase” linked to “female empowerment”. They also cited Lizzo’s controversy with ‘Truth Hurts’ over claims of plagiarism – a battle she settled last March after two-and-a-half years.

Last month, it was announced that Lizzo will perform at both this year’s Grammys and BRIT Awards. She was also revealed, alongside Odesza and Kendrick Lamar, as a headliner for this year’s Governors Ball.

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