Lizzo shares footage of her mother and grandmother reacting to her new song

"I've always wanted to make my momma proud"

Lizzo has continued to tease the imminent release of new music, sharing a video of her listening to a snippet of an unreleased song with her family.

The video – originally posted to Lizzo’s TikTok page and then across to her Instagram account – sees the rapper and singer sitting in the car with both her grandmother and her mother. The three are seen nodding their heads and singing along to the song, which has been superimposed over the video’s original audio.

The song in question, titled ‘Special’, is now projected to be the follow-up to last year’s Cardi B-featuring single ‘Rumors’.


Watch the footage below:

In the post’s caption, Lizzo notes that the footage is taken from “the first time I played my new music for my momma”.

“I was nervous to post this,” she wrote.

“Just know: If the ones you love support you – that’s all you need.”

She continued this sentiment in her Instagram stories following the post, as documented by


“I’ve always wanted to make my momma proud,” she wrote.

“She told me she has ALWAYS been proud of me. She [has] always made me feel special. In case nobody told you yet… you’re special. Keep going. I’m proud of you.”