Lizzo thanks hospital workers tackling coronavirus by sending them free lunches

"Thank you so much for being the heroes in this story"

Lizzo has thanked hospital workers for their efforts in tackling the ongoing coronavirus crisis by sending them free lunches.

Taking to Instagram yesterday (March 31) the singer shared a video compilation of various images of healthcare staff receiving meal packages, which arrived with handwritten notes of thanks attached.

“We wanted to send lunches to hospitals across the country to show our appreciation for the medical workers,” Lizzo wrote.


“You guys are putting yourselves on the frontline, so because of that, I wanted to treat y’all to a meal,” she explained on Twitter while giving a shout-out to Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital. “Lunch on me! I love you guys. Thank you so much for being the heroes in this story.”

You can see that post below.

“A true angel,” wrote one fan in the comments section. Another said: “It’s really inspiring to see a person with such a following who practices what they preach.”


This comes after US president Donald Trump warned that there are a “very, very painful two weeks” ahead for the country. As of Tuesday evening (March 31), America’s death toll from coronavirus exceeded 3,800.

Lizzo, meanwhile, has been hosting group meditation sessions on Instagram as many of her fans continue to face self-isolation and strict lockdown measures. “Sing your favourite songs, find music in the little things,” she said in one video.

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