Former After School singer Lizzy says her “life is over” following DUI incident

“I did something very wrong, and I know that I did something wrong”

Former After School member Lizzy – real name Park Soo-ah – has spoken up about the aftermath of her recent DUI incident.

Yesterday (September 14), the singer-actress took to Instagram to hold a Live session, where she opened up about her DUI incident. Back in May, the singer had been booked for driving under the influence in Seoul’s Gangnam district, where she hit a taxi. She is set to stand trial for the incident later this month.

During the Instagram Live session, Park apologised for her actions, saying that she had initially wanted to apologise “in writing, but I didn’t think that would be enough [so she held a live broadcast]”, per Soompi.


“I am so very sorry,” she added, while expressing frustration over how the media had portrayed the accident. “Now, my life is over. It’s true that I’ve let everyone down. The driver [from the accident] wasn’t hurt that much, but the articles [were written that way].”

The K-pop idol later asked viewers for their understanding, while acknowledging that she “did something wrong. “Don’t people have a hard time at least once in their lives? There are many [people] telling me to [take my own life],” she said. “I did something very wrong, and I know that I did something wrong. I’m so sorry.”

Park has largely stayed out of the public eye since her DUI incident. Prior to that, she had been focused on an acting career, with roles in television series such as 2020’s Oh My Baby and 2019’s Kim Is A Genius.

In other K-pop news, BTS recently announced ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’, the boyband’s first online concert of the year. The event is set to take place later this month, with ticketing information expected in the coming weeks.

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