The protesters are opposed to the presence of a host of reggae star they claim are violently homophobic...

Gay rights campaigners are planning to disrupt tonight’s (October 1) MOBO AWARDS ceremony in LONDON, protesting against reggae stars ELEPHANT MAN, TOK and CAPELTON, who they claim are violently homophobic.

The group Outrage! plan to picket the London Arena venue from 6pm tonight carrying placards with the slogans ‘MOBO rewards anti-gay hate’, ‘Black singers! Stop bashing gays!’, and ‘MOBO = Music Of Bigoted Origin’.

Outrage leader Peter Tatchell told NME.COM he wanted to let people know that the three stars had a history of violent homophobic lyrics that advocate the murder of gay people.


“Their nomination is tantamount to rewarding bigotry”, he said. “It is the moral equivalent of the Brit Awards nominating a racist entertainer who incites the killing of black people”.

“The MOBO organisers should withdraw these nominations immediately, and apologise to the gay community for the insult and offence they have caused.

“I urge black community leaders to speak out against artists who incite

homophobic hatred and violence. It is appalling for members of one minority

to attack members of another minority. We should stand together united

against all forms of prejudice and discrimination.”


The BBC were forced to remove content featuring Elephant Man lyrics from websites last month after similar outcries from gay pressure groups.

Tonight’s MOBO Awards (Music Of Black Origin) will be hosted by US rapper LL Cool J and Mis-Teeq member Alesha.

Craig David, Ms Dynamite and reggae legend Jimmy Cliff will be among those performing at the show. Mercury winner [a][/a] will also perform. She leads the nominations table with six nods. She is expected to leave with a clutch of gongs.