Phil 'The Albino' Priest tells all...

PHIL ‘THE ALBINO PRIEST’ from the L0-FIDELITY ALLSTARS has been chatting exclusively to NME.COM about their forthcoming single, tour and album.

The group’s new single, ‘The Ghostmutt EP’ is released through Skint on November 20. It is then followed by the as yet untitled full-length LP in the New Year.

“We’ve been finished on it for about a month,” explained Phil ‘The Albino Priest’. “We’re just tweaking things now. But then, we’re taking it all out on the road, so we’ll probably get back and find we’ve got to change half of them!”


“I think ‘The All, The All’ is the closest to the old stuff,” he continued on the lead the track from ‘The Ghostmutt EP’. “I could never describe the first album, so I find it even harder to describe this one! It sounds like Lo-Fi’s in the way that it’s cut-up, but it sounds like the next step – it’s more tuneful. We’ve tried to get a few more melodies in there. ”

The tour, which commences at Warwick University tomorrow (November 4), will be the first chance UK fans will have to hear most of the new material. “It’s pretty nerve-wracking,” admitted Phil. “Everyone’s got that look of nervous tension, because we’ve got a lot of new instruments with us. We’ve even got a brass section with us – though they’re playing some pretty distorted stuff.”

This time around the band have replaced Matt ‘Sheriff Jon Stone’ Harvey and Dave ‘Wrekked Train’ Randall. Dale met met up with the Lo-Fi’s while doing the visuals for label mates the Space Raiders, and fitted in with the Lo-Fidelity ethos.Vocal duties, however, have now been split between the remaining band members.

“Musically we haven’t found it any harder,” said Phil. “The way we’ve been writing hasn’t changed – we always used to write all the music without Dave anyway, then chop up his vocals around it. It’s on a personal level that it’s been hard. It was an awkward time for everyone. I’ve not seen or heard from Dave since the split, but there’s been no attempt from both sides to make contact. It’s like a playground squabble, really.”

The Lo-Fi’s UK tour will call at:

Warwick University (November 4)


Sheffield University (5)

Newcastle University (8)

Norwich Waterfront (9)

Brighton Concorde II (10)

Keele University (11)

Cambridge University (13)

Manchester University (16)

Edinburgh Liquid Rooms (17)

Bugged Out! Weekender, Prestatyn (18)

London Heaven (21)

The ‘Ghostmutt’ EP is released through Skint Records on November 20th. To hear the lead track ‘The All, The All’, Click here…