LO-FIDELITYALLSTARS are finally able to release their track 'Battle Flag' as a single...

L0-FIDELITY ALLSTARS have announced a release date for their new single, ‘Battleflag’, after months of legal wrangles, ill health and a heavy international commitments. The single is taken from their hit debut album, ‘How To Operate With a Blown Mind’, and was originally due for release at the beginning of September. It will now be released by Skint on November 9.

Albino Priest explained that ‘Battleflag’ had originally started life as a remix of a track by Sub Pop rockers Pigeonhed. He continued: “The Pigeonhed remix was the first remix we ever did and we wanted to make it a good one. When we started we tried to keep some of the original music but none of it apart from the vocals fitted with the ideas we had.” As a result the band wrote a new track from scratch and sampled the vocals on to their own music.

Albino Priest continued: “We only found out recently that there was a Prince lyric included in the Pigeonhed vocals and we got fucked over and delayed by legal red tape. We ended up deciding to rerecord the whole track without the offending lyric.” All versions of ‘Battleflag’, both on the new single and future copies of the album, will feature the new version.


Skint boss Damian Harris told NME: “It has been frustrating as we wanted to get it out in September, but it’s been well worth waiting for. I’m also really chuffed with the new B-side, ‘Pony Pressure’. It’s the first new track they’ve done since the album.” Last year, the Lo-Fis had to withdraw their single ‘Disco Machine Gun’ after a week of release, when The Breeders objected to the use of a sample from their single ‘Cannonball’. The Lo-Fis rerecorded the track and it now appears on their album as ‘Blisters On My Brain’.

As well as the legal troubles, the band have also had health problems. Lead singer Wrekked Train suffered a throat infection which forced them to pull appearances at V98 and other European dates. The band tour Europe for the rest of this month and into November, before flying to the US to play their first gigs over there. A handful of UK dates are lined up for December, details to be announced soon.

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