Local Natives ‘shocked’ by crowd at last-minute Hoxton Square gig

Band only 'expected ten people' for outdoor show

Local Natives played a short notice ‘open air’ gig last night (July 5) to a packed audience in London’s Hoxton Square, but came admitted they came prepared for a “crowd of ten”.

The five-piece from Los Angeles brought acoustic instruments and no amps for their intimate gig in the city’s East End, which they had only announced hours beforehand via Twitter.

Before beginning, frontman Taylor Rice had to encourage the crowd, who took up half of the square, to move in closer so everyone could hear.

“Very likely we should have brought an amp, but we didn’t expect more than ten people to come,” Rice told the crowd.

The gig was so impromptu no set list was sorted beforehand, leaving the band to quickly pick tracks from their 2009 debut album ‘Gorilla Manor’ as they went along – including Talking Heads cover ‘Warning Sign’.

The band then invited the crowd to join them for a drink with Rice telling the crowd to “stick around and drink beer. We’re going to hang out until we get kicked out by the police”, before closing their half hour set with ‘Airplanes’.

Afterwards, Rice told NME that he was completely shocked by the turn out and had even arranged a back-up plan in case no one turned up.

“It was not at all what I was expecting,” said Rice. “It was a bit nerve racking to be honest and I felt a little bit inadequately prepared with not having any amplification for our voice and our guitars. Honestly our plan was ‘Ok if we play and there is nobody there it will just be a session we can put online’ so we wouldn’t feel like complete idiots if we turned up here by ourselves. But it turned out to be more special than that.”

Local Natives played:

‘Wide Eyes’
‘World News’
‘Cards & Quarters’
‘Warning Sign’
‘Stranger Things’