Logic drops first song since officially ending retirement, ‘Intro’

"I'm unretired, yeah I'm back/That's a fact, that's that".

Logic has returned today with new song ‘Intro’, the first song he’s dropped since he officially ended his retirement.

The arrival of ‘Intro’ comes just a day after the rapper posted a brief statement on social media: “I’m back.”

The post appeared to pay homage to Michael Jordan’s 1995 “I’m back announcement” which confirmed his NBA return.


‘Intro’ comes in at just under 2 minutes in length, ending with Logic rapping, “I’m un-retired, yeah I’m back/That’s a fact, that’s that”.

Listen to ‘Intro’ below:

Logic initially announced his retirement along with the release of his most recent studio album, ‘No Pressure’.

Despite announcing the retirement in July of last year, Logic went on to make a string of releases in the past few months.

He released a beat tape in September of last year and teamed up with Madlib to form new duo MadGic for new tracks ‘Mars Only Pt. 3’ and ‘Raddest Dad’ in April and May of this year respectively.


Earlier this month, Logic shared a further two new tracks earlier this month – guitar ballad ‘Over You’ and MadGic track ‘Mafia Music’.

In a message at the end of  ‘Raddest Dad’, Logic explained why he was still releasing music even while retired.

“I retired, but I’ve been making music every single day since I retired because I love it,” he said in the message.

“And then I think what I realised was that I don’t like the industry. So I think I want to retire from the industry. That’s why I wanna do this music for free. Sometimes I wanna come back, but I don’t know if I should come back.”

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