Mac DeMarco produced a new song for Logic – and John Mayer’s a fan

It'll feature on a new soundtrack

Mac DeMarco has reportedly produced a new song for Logic, set to feature on a soundtrack for a new book Logic will release next year.

Logic revealed that the novel is called Supermarket and it’s about “a guy falling in love with a girl”. It’ll arrive sometime in 2019 (via Simon & Schuster).

Moreover, the book will come with a soundtrack and according to Billboard, one track is produced by Mac DeMarco. The interview reports that Logic “sings in a beautifully low and gravelly voice over funky psych-rock guitars.” Logic also claims that John Mayer is a fan.


There’s no official release date for the soundtrack but it’ll be released at the same time as the book.

Earlier this year, DeMarco responded to the idea of collaborating with fellow geek-rock heroes and one of his favourite bands, Weezer.

DeMarco has always been very vocal about his love for the band. Now in a new amateur video interview recently posted to Youtube, he’s suggested that he would be open to the idea given the chance – providing the scenario wasn’t forced or awkward.

“With Weezer?,” DeMarco replied. “That would be crazy.”

“I have no idea, maybe, I’m just not very good at it,” continued. “For me, where I’m at now, I’ve met a lot of people that I admire so I think the option is there, the chance is there.”


“It just always feels weird to me when it’s a setup, kind of playdate thing. But who knows, only time will tell. We’ll see.”

The Canadian indie star has recently been confirmed for All Points East 2019. The sprawling 10-day music and entertainment festival will return for a second year next summer to Victoria Park in the Tower Hamlets region of the capital, with All Points East 2019 set to take place from May 24 to June 2. Bon Iver will be headlining the closing show on Sunday June 2.