Logic returns with new song ‘Tired In Malibu’

The rapper announced his retirement in July of last year

Logic has re-emerged from his retirement (again) to surprise release his latest track, ‘Tired In Malibu’.

The song, which is exactly a minute in length, appeared on the rapper’s YouTube channel alongside a photo of him and his son, Bobby.

‘Tired In Malibu’ ends with the line “Retired for a minute/But I guess I’m back man”, hinting that he’ll potentially be releasing more material in the future.


Listen to ‘Tired In Malibu’ below.

‘Tired In Malibu’ isn’t the only new music Logic has released since his retirement in July of last year. That September, he dropped ‘TwitchTape Vol. 1’, a beat-tape that featured samples including Roy Ayres’ ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’ and ‘Fo’TheKids’ by Ahwlee.

Logic has also promised to release a new mixtape if a petition calling for him to do so hits a million signatures.

The rapper had revealed news of his retirement alongside the release of his last album, ‘No Pressure’.


In a review of the album, NME‘s Will Lavin wrote, “Logic’s contribution to hip-hop is deep-rooted in inclusivity and compassion, and ‘No Pressure’ continues the trend even as he bids farewell to the art form that raised him and gave him a platform to speak his truth.”

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