Lokoy teams up with Emilie Østebø on new single ‘A Mistake’ – listen

The indie-inspired song "deals with the relationship between two people"

Lokoy has shared a new single called ‘A Mistake’ – you can listen to it below.

Following on from ‘Both Eyes’, the song will feature on the producer and Sløtface bassist’s debut solo album, ‘Badminton’, which is due to arrive on January 22 via Propeller Recordings.

‘A Mistake’ emerged out of a demo from Oslo-based musician Emilie Østebø, who lends vocals and guitar to the three-minute indie-rocker. She later fleshed out the unfinished track at Lokoy’s home studio with the help of Sløtface’s Tor-Arne Vikingstad.


“I first met Emilie when she was playing support for Sløtface a few years back and I remember all of us thought she was the greatest support band we’ve ever had,” Lokoy explained of how the collaboration came about.

“Earlier this year we met in my studio together with Tor-Arne and just kept cooking on Emilie’s demo. We added a ton of guitars, and some dirty bass-synths and drum machines and BOOM. It just fell together nicely.”

According to Østebø, the cut “deals with the relationship between two people, the dynamic between them”.

“Often I feel like songs are a parody of yourself,” she continued. “The chorus of ‘A Mistake’ is sort of a parody of the self-indulgent things you imagine saying to a person you’ve just had a fight with.”


Having won attention from critics for his debut EP ‘Can We All Go To Bed’ and collaborations with the likes of Girl In Red and Depresno, Lokoy’s adventurous debut album ‘Badminton’ sees the producer explore pop, indie and electro with the help of more rising Norwegian talent, including Nils Bech, Sofus and Moyka.