London Grammar deny being members of the Illuminati

Hannah Reid told her Twitter followers that the trio had not joined the 'secret organisation'

London Grammar have denied being members of the Illuminati.

The band were accused of being members of the supposedly all-powerful, shadowy group after posing in front of a large pyramid with an eye on it at Lollapalooza festival in Chicago over the weekend and then posting the picture on their Facebook. Frontwoman Hannah Reid then took to Twitter, to jokingly refute the accusations. She wrote:

This follows Katy Perry saying she would like to join the Illuminati, admitting that she finds the idea of the mysterious cult exciting. Rumours that Perry is a member of the supposedly all-powerful cult began following her performance of ‘Dark Horse’ at the Grammys in January. News site Infowars claimed: “Illuminati priestess conducts witchcraft ceremony in front of the entire world.”

Responding to the rumours, Perry told Rolling Stone: “If the Illuminati exist, I would like to be invited. I see all that shit and I’m like: ‘Come on, let me in! I want to be in the club.'”

Perry admitted she had “no idea” what the Illuminati actually stand for or who they are, adding: “It sounds crazy. Weird people on the internet that have nothing to do find, like, strange triangles in your hand motions. I guess you’ve made it when they think you’re in the Illuminati. But I believe in aliens, so if people want to believe in Illuminati, great.”

The Illuminati is supposedly a powerful group of individuals who want to establish “a new world order”, with members from political, entertainment and religious circles conspiring to control the world. Other celebrities who have been rumoured online as members include Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West and Madonna.