David Cameron praises ‘brilliant’ London Grammar

Meanwhile, Samantha Cameron tips Only Real

The Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, has expressed his admiration for the band London Grammar.

Meanwhile Cameron’s wife, Samantha Cameron, tipped little-known British rapper Only Real.

The couple were asked who they would have at a musical event to showcase the best of new British talent to Americans. It followed a similar musical event held at the US Ambassador’s residence in Regent’s Park, at which the Camerons were in attendance.

Asked which acts he would host, Cameron told London Evening Standard: “Well, when we had the White House dinner in Washington we had Mumford And Sons, which was great because it was before their last album got really big. But who I really like right now is London Grammar. I think they’re brilliant. So if I could do it again I’d have them.”

Samantha Cameron added: “I listen to Radio 1 as I drive home and I just heard this really good session with a little guy called Only Real.”

Earlier this year, David Cameron revealed he “sneaked” in to see the band First Aid Kit, and perplexingly said that Mumford And Sons’ ‘Babel’ is his favourite Christmas album.

In 2013, the PM revealed that he was trying to find a new favourite band after he was banned from listening to The Smiths by both Johnny Marr and Morrissey. “I’m a huge music fan but obviously it’s been something of a music crisis year for me because Morrissey and Johnny Marr have said I’m not allowed to listen to The Smiths any more, so I’ve had to find some other stuff I am allowed to listen to,” he said.