London Grammar’s Dot Major announces solo career

"I hope to see you there"

London Grammar’s Dominic ‘Dot’ Major announced the beginning of a new solo career on social media yesterday (January 26). You can view the post below.

The multi-instrumentalist with London Grammar shared the post on Instagram and revealed that a new solo work called ‘Bear’ was on the way “in three weeks”.

The post read: “Hello everybody. Electronic music has informed a huge part of me nearly as far back as I care to remember. In three weeks time a journey of my vision through it begins, starting with ‘Bear.’ I hope to see you there.”


You can see the post and listen to a clip of the new ambient-sounding project here:

Last year, London Grammar spoke to NME about their next album. When asked about how their fourth album was coming along, the band’s Dan Rothman said: “I think it’s something we’ve been working on, throughout the pandemic we’ve been working on it, and quite a lot’s been done.

“There’s a lot of writing that’s been done, and I think then you sort of get to that position of whittling it down, and getting into the nitty-gritty of production.

“There’s plenty more writing I’m sure to be done still as well, but I think we’ve definitely got the body of what feels like a very exciting record to us.”

Asked if fans could expect a new sound, Rothman added: “It’s funny, I think with sound we do get fairly experimental in the studio, and it’s just sort of, I think what comes out. And it’s only really afterwards when you reflect on it and are like ‘Oh, maybe we were listening to that a lot at the time’, and then you can hear it in the music, and it sort of becomes…Hannah always said it about her lyrics being a stream of consciousness, and I think the music is sometimes in a sense can be a bit like that as well.”


Last summer, London Grammar also covered Coldplay as a thank you for inviting them on tour.

The band took to Instagram to share their acoustic cover of Coldplay’s ‘Don’t Panic’ along with a message thanking the band for asking them to support them on tour last year.

“Beautiful world, beautiful summer. Thank you @coldplay for letting us tag along on the most beautiful, surreal ride,” they wrote at the time.

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