London’s Ace Hotel and Miranda venue to permanently close

The chain has hinted at plans to open at a new location in the capital

London’s Ace Hotel Shoreditch, including its attached venue, Miranda, are to permanently close.

“We’re heartbroken to announce that our longtime home on [Shoreditch] High Street will no longer continue as Ace Hotel London Shoreditch,” a post on the hotel’s website reads.

“As our first hotel outside the US, it was built as an open satellite for the extraordinary energy ignited by the city itself. And we want to thank — with deepest gratitude and pride — all the ferocious champions of culture, the salty legends on the dance floor, the lone early risers finding dawn on the Rooftop.


“Thank you to our dream team, to fellow travellers and to our steadfast neighbours for embracing Ace and making it your own. In the words of David Bowie, ‘It was rugged, it was naive, it was heaven.’ (That quote is inscribed, in perpetuity, on the walls of Ace Hotel London.)

“We love you. We’re celebrating every incandescent second. You’re burned in our hearts, ad infinitum. London, you’re a dream.”

The Miranda venue added: “We want to thank all of the creators, collaborators, party partakers and cosmic dancers who made our little celestial outpost in the basement a living, breathing beacon.

“We were always you, and it was always an honour.”

The hotel’s operator, Lore Group, has added that they will take over management of the building and re-open following investment.


A spokesperson said: “Given the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, the Ace Hotel and its outlets will remain closed so that we can invest in significant renovation that will both refresh and enhance the guest experience.

“We are also taking over direct management of the hotel, consistent with the other premium hotels in our collection. We are grateful to Ace for helping us make the hotel what it is today and look forward to welcoming guests back once the work is complete.”

This week, a new petition has been launched to urge the UK government to extend the furlough scheme for members of the live music industry.

The new petition arrives after claims from many in the live music industry that, despite socially distanced indoor gigs being allowed in the UK from mid-August, the vast majority of venues are not viably able to host events with restrictions in place.