London’s Metrofest dubbed “new Fyre Festival” following “shambolic” inaugural event

"Anyone been served a cheese slice yet?"

London’s Metrofest has been described as the new Fyre Festival following a “shambolic” inaugural event over the weekend.

The festival took place on Sunday (August 8), bringing what organisers billed as the capital’s “first ever festival dedicated to R&B and Hip Hop culture” to north London’s Trent Park.

Among those booked to perform to 15,000 ticketholders – who each paid up to £95 to attend – were the likes of Fat Joe, Blackstreet, Fatman Scoop, Eve, Firin Squad and Bobby V.


As the Daily Mail reports, however, fans were left calling for refunds after Mya, Eve, Blackstreet and Tony Touch failed to turn up for their scheduled live performances (Eve had cancelled her slot earlier in the week).

NME understands that Mya was in London to fulfil her booking, but there was subsequently an issue with her carrying out a coronavirus PCR test. As for Blackstreet, the group cited “unforeseen circumstances” as the reason for cancelling on their official Instagram page.

It’s also reported that Fatman Scoop – who was billed as the event’s host – did not appear onstage until after 7pm.

Elsewhere, fans hit out at Bobby V for only performing for approximately 10 minutes. NME understands that he’d taken issue with being placed low on the bill and was offered a short slot at the end of the day, in line with the festival’s 9pm curfew.

According to the Daily Mail‘s report, the gates to Metrofest did not open until 12:30pm on Sunday – despite the event being due to begin at 11:30am.

Expressing their frustration at the issues, one attendee branded the event a “joke” on Twitter. “Paid all this money to basically watch DJs in the mud. Run me back my money,” they wrote.


Another said that Metrofest was “London’s version of the #fyrefestival”, the disastrous festival that was held in the Bahamas in 2017.

“Out of the 8 headliners, Blackstreet, Eve, Tony Touch and Mya didn’t show. Scoop was a glorified MC, Bobby V’s set lasted 10mins and Jon B was 3hrs late. Fat Joe was quality though,” they added.

Fatman Scoop later replied to the criticism levelled at him in the aforementioned thread, writing: “I respect your anger bro, but what WE NOT GONNA DO Is coin me a GLORIFIED MC.

“What you DONT KNOW is how bad it was for the artists. I did not show up at 7pm FOR NO REASON. Trust me, you guys have NO IDEA what happened on the other side of this…”

A separate thread outlined a myriad of setbacks that resulted in “Fyre Fest vibes”, which included the delay in the gates opening, absent performers, set times being “two hours behind” and the overall “terrible organisation”.

Others highlighted the organisers’ poor customer service and communication with ticketholders. It is also believed that attendees and staff members experienced difficulties in departing the festival, with police shutting off some areas of the park.

You can see more reactions below.

Metrofest is yet to respond to the criticism – NME has contacted the festival for comment.