London’s The Crobar raises £40,000 from crowdfunder and announces new documentary

"People want a proper Rock ‘n’ Roll bar to remain in Soho"

Legendary London rock bar Crobar has raised £40,000 as part of a new crowdfunder to help it prepare for a relaunch after the coronavirus pandemic.

It was confirmed in September that the venue, which is a favourite of many rock stars including Foo Fighters‘ Dave Grohl, would be shutting its doors due to losses incurred during the pandemic.

But the venue could yet receive a new lease of life after raising £40,000 of its overall £95,000 goal, with the aim of relaunching in a new central London location when the pandemic comes to an end.


Crobar owner Richard Thomas said: “I have to admit, I did a little dance when we hit £40,000, as it gave me hope and more determination to save Soho and reopen The Crobar.

“I know we meant a lot to our customers, but I didn’t realise just how much! People want a proper Rock ‘n’ Roll bar to remain in Soho. Otherwise, where else will they go?”

“There is so much history here and it does feel to many that all roads in London lead to this area.

“Rock and Roll will never die, but if we don’t fight to keep its integrity and quirkiness, then we will just fall victim to faceless gentrification eradicating everything Soho has stood for: tolerance and individuality, love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll for all.”

The news comes as documentary filmmakers Lucy Brown and Andrew Wildey prepare to release Music When The Lights Go Out, which will see Crobar regulars discussing what the bar and the surrounding Soho area means to them.


“We had a huge response of photos, videos and stories from people who miss The Crobar and who used to party in the ‘Golden Triangle of Rock ‘n’ Roll’,” Brown said.

“Reading the messages from people remembering better times really struck us with what was being lost to the pandemic. I think everyone knows and loves a place like The Crobar.”

The Crobar
The Crobar (Picture: London Snapper)

“As Richard says in the film – it’s not about the four walls, it’s about the people, and I think now we should take an “all hands on deck” attitude when it comes to supporting the live music venue industry.”

The documentary is set to premiere on January 27 at 8PM UK time on YouTube.

As well as Dave Grohl, other artists who visited Crobar over the years include SlashAlice CooperSlayer’s Kerry King, Gwar, and pop stars Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.