London’s Tufnell Park Dome responds after The 100 Club stops sharing stage times

“Buy some drinks when you get here, yeah?"

London venue The Dome has offered their own brilliantly tongue-in-cheek response, after The 100 Club announced they won’t be announcing set times for their shows any more.

The iconic Oxford Street venue yesterday confirmed that they will no longer announce set times, in an attempt to draw crowds for support bands.

“The 100 Club is no longer giving out stage times to any gig we put on,” read the announcement. “We want to support all bands that play here and so would like people to watch the support acts too. It’s a great way to discover new music.”


While the move sparked widespread discussion, The Dome has now confirmed that they’ll be sticking to their original policy.

“We will keep posting stage times because let’s be honest we’re a 14+ venue and you can all make your own minds up on what bands you wanna see by that age. Just buy some drinks when you get here, yeah? x”, the venue jokingly wrote on Twitter.

They added: “In fairness we do forget sometimes. Blame George. Let us know if you need ‘em though. Also if you’re coming to a show and have accessibility concerns, hit us up on and we’ll do what we can to accommodate. Same goes for @BostonMusicRoom.”


In a later tweet, the venue also defended themselves against any claims that they’re not backing support bands.

“Pre-emptively before some dad who hasn’t checked out a new band since Oasis and moans about the lineups of festivals he doesn’t attend logs on to tell us about how millennials are killing support bands: we’re not. We’ve just already checked them out online m8,” they joked.

The latest controversy follows Slaves’ divisive comments last year about not posting set times for their shows. “We were the support once,” they explained. “We wouldn’t be here if nobody turned up to watch us. So turn up when your ticket says and you’ll be fine.”

Fans again pointed out that that approach was often unrealistic for those with other commitments, while others suggested turning up early meant you might see “your new favourite band.”