"Short but heated conversation" over drummer's departure leads to violence...

Longpigs frontman Crispin Hunt had to have six stitches in his face last week (October 8) after a violent incident in Sheffield involving the band’s former drummer Dee Boyle.

Hunt was at a Pretenders gig at the city’s Boardwalk club when he was approached by his former friend and colleague Boyle. The two, who have not spoken since Boyle was effectively asked to leave the band earlier this year, engaged in a short but heated conversation about the manner of the drummer’s dismissal. As Hunt tried to leave, he was grabbed by Boyle who forced a beer glass into his face.

The Longpigs frontman was taken to Sheffield General Hospital where he received six stitches to a cut just below his right eye.

“I could see Dee was angry and spoiling for a fight,” said Hunt after the altercation. “I was just trying to get away from the situation. The next thing I knew I had blood pouring from my face and people were helping me out of the venue. It could have been considerably worse. He could have had my eye out. It’s just a shame for Dee that things have come to this. I could understand it more if it were a John Lennon-Pete Best type thing, but it’s not. We’re only the fuckin’ Longpigs after all.”

The band are currently in the charts with comeback single ‘Blue Skies’ and their second Mother/PAL album ‘Mobile Home’ came out on Monday (October 11). The band are preparing for a set of UK shows this month.

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