It looks like The Killers are back in the studio

They're coming out of their cage...

The Killers have shared a photo from the studio, leading to speculation that they may be back at work on new material.

The Las Vegas indie veterans released their last album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ back in 2017 – their first in five years. Now, the band have shared an image of Flowers behind a mixing desk with a keyboard.


Asked earlier this summer if it would be another five year wait for a new album, drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr told NME: “No, I doubt that. We’re already thinking about bringing our recording rigs with us and we’ve been messing around backstage with ideas. It’s in our minds and I think we want to get to it right away.

“I don’t want to take anymore time and I think we’re ready.”

Speaking of the potential sound of the next record, Vannucci said that he was hoping to get a little more experimental.

“I’m constantly messing around with things and I see a lot online with people who are working with experimental sounds – with either electronic synthesisers and things like that or even a straight-out jazz record,” he said. “There’s a lot of great stuff going on underneath our feet and maybe the pop world will finally catch up to it 20 or 30 years later. I’d like to sort of tap into it a little bit.

“I don’t want to totally lose anybody but there’s still a lot to be discovered and I think keeping with the tradition of always trying something new with a record might be something for us to look into.”


However, the band did express uncertainty as to whether or not bassist Mark Stoermer and guitarist Dave Keuning would be joining them again in the studio after taking a hiatus from touring.

“I haven’t had too much of a conversation with them about it,” Ronnie told NME. “I’m of the thinking in that if they are ready and willing, then let’s do this. In the end, if they’re not then you know, I’ll reluctantly keep on and do it without them. I don’t mean to sound fiery but I’m on a wave right now and I don’t want to get off it.”

Brandon Flowers added: “We haven’t really gotten into that territory yet, I mean me and Ronnie are getting along, and there’s not really a lot of contact with the other two.”

NME has approached a spokesperson for The Killers regarding their current activity.

Keuning is set to release his debut solo album ‘Prisism’ on January 25, 2019.