LOONA describe ‘Star’ as a “gift” for fans from “faraway places”

"From the moment we started preparing the song, we put our hearts into it"

LOONA have shared the meaning behind ‘Star’, the English version of ‘Voice’ from their 2020 mini-album ‘[12:00]’.

During a recent interview with Yonhap News Agency, the girl group discussed the message and success of ‘Star’, which is their first-ever song to clinch a spot on Billboard’s Pop Airplay Chart. They shared that the song was meant to convey a message of love to their fans in a “complete and genuine way”.

“From the moment we started preparing the song, we put our hearts into it, thinking it was a gift for fans cheering for us from faraway places,” member Kim Lip said. “All these feats were a result of how our hearts and Orbits’ (the name for LOONA’s fans) hearts connected.”



Yves noted that the group’s “biggest goal” with ‘Star’ was to relate to their English-speaking, adding that they “focused practicing on our pronunciation as we recorded the song”. She added: “To add some more pop vibe, we also experimented with various styles and expressions, compared with ‘Voice.'”

The group also said that they would like a chance to rerecord a handful of their Korean-language songs in English if given the chance. The members picked out tracks such as ‘Universe’ and ‘Curiosity’ as their top choices, citing their “beautiful lyrics” and “pretty meanings”, respectively.

LOONA were first introduced by South Korean agency Blockberry Creative through an extensive pre-debut project spanning a total of 18 months from 2016 to 2018. LOONA subsequently made their official debut on August 20, 2018 with the single ‘Hi High’ from the mini-album ‘[+ +]’.