LOONA say they don’t want to “limit” themselves to a “certain music genre”

"[We are] always trying new stuff and creating our own style"

LOONA have discussed their ambitions as a group toward adopting a diverse range of sounds.

In a brand-new interview with Bandwagonthe group discussed the recent release of their debut Japanese dual single ‘Hula Hoop’ and ‘Star Seed’. The 12-member group also talked about their goal of surpassing boundaries in their music with “LOONA Pop”.

“We’d like to describe LOONA’s music as ‘LOONA Pop’,” the group said. “We don’t limit ourselves to a certain music genre, always trying new stuff and creating our own style. We want to surprise listeners every time and sing various types of songs so that fans can choose what to listen to depending on their mood.”


The Blockberry Creative girl group have been known to incorporate a myriad of genres in their songs, from the Bollywood-inspired sound of their latest single ‘Paint The Town (PTT)’ to the bubblegum pop of 2018’s ‘Hi High’. A Japanese-language version of the former track is also included in the release of ‘Hula Hoop’ and ‘Star Seed’.

Elsewhere in the interview, members Yves and Jinsoul also talked about how they hoped to participate in the production of the group’s future releases. “I’m trying to write songs whenever I have the time,” shared Jinsoul, with Yves echoing similar sentiments. “It would be great if I had a chance to participate in making LOONA’s album, but regardless of that, I’ll keep making music.”

Four members of LOONA – Heejin, Jinsoul, Yves and Kim Lip – had recently released a collaboration single with producer Ryan Jhun, titled ‘Not Friends’. It’s the second instalment of the hit-maker’s ‘MAXIS By Ryan Jhun’ project, which kicked off last month with the single ‘Maniac’ featuring NCT’s Doyoung and Haechan.