The lo-fi funksters leave Jeepster to sign for Mute...

STUART DAVID of GLASGOW lo-fi funksters Looper has revealed to nme.com that the band is quitting JEEPSTER, the current home of his former band BELLE AND SEBASTIAN, for their next record, and moving to MUTE.

“I think we’re gonna move to Mute for the next album. I think they have a pretty good understanding of what we want to do”, said David, adding, that Mute would most likely release their next album in the US, as opposed to their previous label, Sub Pop. “I think Mute‘s gonna do it for the whole world. It’s quite complicated being on two different record labels.”

Speaking about the group’s next record, the follow-up to this year’s ‘The Geometrid’, David added: “Probably, where that one (‘The Geometrid’) is more dance and electronic influenced, the next one will be a bit more hip-hop influenced. The more avant-garde end of hip-hop like Timbaland and Missy Elliot, those kind of beats.”

He did stress, however, that they weren’t planning on doing a lot of rapping. He added, “Probably not, no, that’s the thing I get tired of in hip-hop after a while. I like it to an extent, but a lot of the time I just wanna listen to the loops properly.”