Merry Christmas! Lord Buckethead has released a festive charity single

All bow down to our galactic overlord...

Lord Buckethead has topped a busy 2017 by releasing his own Christmas single – and it’s all for a worthy cause.

The song, titled ‘A Bucketful of Happiness’, comes at the end of the year that saw the ‘space lord’  become an unlikely hero when he stood against Theresa May in her Maidenhead seat at this year’s general election.

Despite failing with his attempt at becoming an MP, he’s maintaining a cheery demeanour – promising that “change will come, will no matter how long it takes”.

It’s all to raise money for homeless charity Shelter too, with Lord Buckethead explaining that he “just fancied having a laugh”.

“I am not in it for personal riches,” he told the Press Association.

“I just fancied having a laugh. Clearly it is superior to any other track in the ether at the moment, but will that be enough to topple the mighty Shere Anne [check this, minions] in time for a Number One? I somehow doubt it.”

Describing his plans for 2018, he added: “I keep an open mind, especially as an Earth year is but a blink in a space lord’s visor.

“But generally, I look forward to spreading intergalactic wisdom, quelling a separatist dispute on Sigma IX, going on an open bus tour of the locations used in Inspector Morse, and of course the World Cup.”