LORD KITCHENER – 1922-2000

The 'Calypso King' passes away aged 77...

Caribbean calypso artist Lord Kitchener died last week (February 11) from a blood disorder in a Trinidad hospital. He was 77.

Born Aldwyn Roberts, the son of a blacksmith went on to become one of calypso’s best known artists with hits like ‘Green Fig Man‘ and ‘Pan In Harmony‘. He came to England in the late 40s with fellow calypso artists Lion, Atilla and Growling Tiger.

Fans of Lord Kitchener in Trinidad and Tobago are now lobbying their government so a suitable tribute can be paid to the star.

Trinidad and Tobago’s finance minister last week told reporters: “It’s a pity he has not achieved the Bob Marley-type acclaim internationally. He is a true son of the soil.”

Kitchener is now being considered for a Trinity Cross, the highest honour to be bestowed upon Trinidad and Tobago natives.