Lorde ‘trying new things’ with second album, says co-writer

Songwriter Joel Little penned 'Royals' and 'Team' with the New Zealand singer

Joel Little, best known for his songwriting work with Lorde, has discussed the progress of the New Zealand singer’s second album.

Speaking at the 32nd annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (April 29), Little – who has also worked with Sam Smith and Ellie Goulding – claimed that Lorde is “trying new things” for her next LP.

“We’ve written a couple of songs,” Little told Billboard. “We haven’t done a whole lot of production on it yet, we just want to make sure the songs are really good and try and experiment with some new things – just different beats and whatever occurs in the studio.”


Little added that the pair are “not pigeonholing ourselves in any particular way” but instead are “just trying new things”. He continued, “We can take the time to make sure we’ve explored every option.”

Joel Little received awards on the night for co-writing ‘Royals’ and ‘Team’ with Lorde. Those songs were featured on her debut album ‘Pure Heroine’, which came out in 2013.

Previously, Little had gone on record as saying that Lorde would begin work on her new album in March.

Speaking at this year’s Golden Globe awards, Lorde herself said of her next effort: “For me I have to kind of write a project lyrically before I attack it musically. So I’ve written a lot of amazing stuff and I’m just tentatively starting to make it music.”

Asked when the record would be released, the singer said she would be taking her time. “I have no timeline,” she explained. “I really don’t care.”