Lorde donates £10,000 to help feed under-privileged New Zealand children

Singer says she’s passionate about children having access to food

Lorde has donated $20,000NZ (£10,000) to help a New Zealand charity help feed under-privileged children.

The charity, Fuel The Need, was set up to help children in the city of Upper Hutt get access to lunches in school. Lorde, who is from New Zealand, made her contribution after local businesses only donated a total of £700 when they were contacted by Fuel The Need.

Fuel The Need organiser Manuel Dalton said: “To date, we’d raised $1400, so when Lorde’s payment came through, it was amazing.”

Lorde, under her real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor, wrote on Fuel The Need’s fundraising page explaining her donation, saying: “Good on you Manuel and Fuel The Need. I hope this helps a little bit. Lots of love from a former kid who is passionate about all kids having access to food at school.”

Last year, Lorde publicised on Instagram a similar local charity Eat My Lunch which also funds meals for poverty-hit children. She said at the time: “It makes me want to cry, thinking about kids who can’t eat at school, and therefore probably find it pretty tough to focus and learn too.”

Lorde is continuing to work on the follow-up to 2013’s debut album ‘Pure Heroine’. Since then, she has featured on Disclosure’s album ‘Caracal’ and performed ‘Life On Mars?’ at the Brit Awards as a tribute to David Bowie.