Lorde tells fans to kiss Westboro Baptist Church members picketing her gig

In a series of tweets, which have since been deleted, the singer also asks audience members to wear rainbow colors in support of gay rights

Lorde has spoken out against right-wing, anti-gay, US activist group Westboro Baptist Church, which has announced plans to picket one of her concerts this week.

On hearing that protesters were organising a demonstration at her gig at Midland Theater, Kansas on March 21, the singer tweeted: “Hahaha omg just found out westboro baptist church are going to picket my show in kansas city.” She continued: “Everyone wear rainbow clothing to that show … [and] try to kiss church members who are same sex as you. They will so love it. Christmas comin early in kansas city.”

The tweets have since been deleted.

As The Guardian reports, the singer seems to have angered the group following a recent appearance on an Australian radio show, in which she criticised a DJ for suggesting that there was “something wrong with lesbians”.

Westboro Baptist Church claim the singer “spends her time, energy and talent serving herself and teaching other young people how to be indolent rebels”. It also posted a hateful parody of her hit single ‘Royals’ on its website, which you can hear below.

The group is infamous for its headline-grabbing protests, including picketing the funeral of Michael Jackson. Ed Sheeran recently told the group to “keep your homophobic views to yourself” after it picketed his gig in Kansas City. The group also recently dubbed Taylor Swift the “whorish face of doomed America”.