Listen to Chromeo’s remix of Lorde’s ‘Green Light’

The remixed 'Green Light' features Chromeo's famous funky bass lines.

Canadian eletro-funk duo Chromeo have remixed Lorde‘s ‘Green Light’, marking Chromeo’s first ever “official” release.

‘Green Light’ marked the return of Lorde, serving as the first single from forthcoming album ‘Melodrama’.

Chromeo’s most recent album was 2014’s ‘White Women’. You can hear the ‘Green Light’ remix and see the artwork below.


‘Melodrama’ is Lorde’s first release since her 2013 debut ‘Pure Heroine’. She recently revealed the tracklisting for the eagerly-anticipated second album.

Kicking off with lead single ‘Green Light’, the new album will consist of 11 tracks which include the already-released ‘Liability’ and the track ‘Homemade Dynamite’, which she premiered during her recent live slot at Coachella.

See the full tracklisting for Lorde’s new album below.

Lorde – ‘Melodrama’

1. Green Light
2. Sober
3. Homemade Dynamite
4. The Louvre
5. Liability
6. Hard Feelings / Loveless
7. Sober II (Melodrama)
8. Writer In The Dark
9. Supercut
10. Liability (Reprise)
11. Perfect Places


Earlier this month, Lorde spoke out about her experiences with synaesthesia, which enables her to see colour in sound.

Lorde’s synaesthesia manifests itself as her seeing sound as colour. Now she has revealed how ‘this record is very intense colour-wise’, with the sounds very closely linked to the ‘fluorescent world’ of going out at night.

“It’s hard to explain this to people who don’t have synaesthesia because they don’t know any different,” said Lorde. “For a long time I assumed that people had a colour for each day of the week or for all of their friends’ names. Then you just realise, ‘no, you’re just weird – that’s your own name’.

“The work that I do is very much a reflection of the inside of my brain ‘translating the colours in her head’.”

She added: “To experience a piece of music and have this image whirling around you – you know, you pick a chord then all of a sudden there’s this flood of a different colour or a different texture. It’s exciting and it’s strange and it makes everything feel a little bit more vivid.

“There are definitely moments when I just want to listen instead of seeing everything because there are definitely sounds which are overwhelmingly visual with texture and colour. It’s like ‘ah, it’s too much!’”