Lorde confirms title and release date of new single

Singer returns this week

Lorde has confirmed the title of her upcoming new single: ‘Green Light’.

The New Zealand singer-songwriter had been teasing the track for the past week and has now also confirmed that it will be released tomorrow (March 2).

In a tweet, Lorde wrote: “I am so overjoyed to finally announce that my first single, GREEN LIGHT, is coming out tomorrow at 8am nz / 2pm nyc”.


She added: “I am so proud of this song. it’s very different, and kinda unexpected. it’s complex and funny and sad and joyous and it’ll make you DANCE… it’s the first chapter of a story i’m gonna tell you, the story of the last 2 wild, fluorescent years of my life. this is where we begin”.

Lorde has also announced that a Grant Singer-directed video for the track will surface on Thursday.

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Yesterday, Lorde staged three public displays in Auckland, giving teasers of the new track.

Taking to her social media channels, the 20-year-old announced that she’d organised “a few little glimpses at what’s coming” before directing fans to a map of central Auckland which pinpointed three separate locations: Herne Bay, Ponsonby and Auckland town hall.

Fans who showed up to the three locations have since posted on social media to report the contents of each display. At Ponsonby, a beat-up car decked in green light and emitting smoke could be found, while the words “I do my makeup in someone else’s car” displayed on one of the windows.

Lorde’s mother, Sonja Yelich, and sister Indy were present at the Ponsonby display, with her mother refusing to comment to reporters regarding what would come next – only disclosing that she was “excited.”

At the Town Hall, meanwhile, the words “Green Light” were projected on a wall that itself was decked in green light. A short video also displayed two dates: ‘3.2.17 NYC’ and ‘3.3.17 NZ’, while a five-second clip from what seems to be a new song also plays.


Back in November, Lorde shared an emotional message on Facebook discussing her coming of age, her past, and her future.

“I’m not a kid any more, and more and more I’m realizing that the weirdness of those Mylar balloons is going to be okay,” she wrote. “Writing ‘Pure Heroine’ was my way of enshrining our teenage glory, putting it up in lights forever so that part of me never dies, and this record – well, this one is about what comes next.”