Lorde falls for a classic prank from Stephen Colbert – watch

Come on, Ella.

Lorde made an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night (November 18), during a segment filmed in New Zealand, and was surprised by an age-old prank pulled by the US talk show host.

Colbert was visiting the country to interview Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern about New Zealand politics and gun policy. When the conversation turned to snakes, Ardern stated there weren’t many in New Zealand – at which point Colbert produced a suspect-looking can of “peanut brittle”. The Prime Minister was not fooled and declined the offer.

Later in the show, the ‘Green Light’ singer was filmed in conversation with Colbert during a backyard barbecue at Ardern’s home, where Lorde politely accepted the can of “peanut brittle.” Watch the clip below, with the successful prank starting around 11:18.


Earlier this month, Lorde – whose real name is Ellen Yelich-O’Connor – penned an emotional letter to fans explaining that the timetable for her next album has shifted following the death of her dog Pearl.

The artist, who had been busy working on the follow-up to her 2017 album ‘Melodrama’, sent the lengthy note to subscribers of her newsletter.

Starting by explaining why she hasn’t written to her fans much as of late, Lorde said: “When we first met I would write little notes for you online, and they would form a big map that you would use to chart the constellations in my work. I realized a couple of years ago that I needed to rethink my relationship with posting random shit online all the time, so here we are, a little less in contact than we once were.”

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