Lorde reveals her ‘worst gig moment’ and discusses her teenage pre-fame band

'I am not cool in this moment - this is not a cool year for me'

Lorde has revealed the ‘worst gig moment’ of her life, as well as discussing her time in her teenage, pre-fame band Extreme.

As she prepares to release her long-awaited new album ‘Melodrama‘ and kick off a summer world tour, Lorde looked back on one particular moment on stage that she’s least proud of.

“I  mean, because I started all of this when I was like 14 ,15 so I didn’t have a lot of gig history before that,” she told Radio X. “But I was in a band when I was like at school called Extreme. It was a rock band.”

Lorde continued: “We were the 12 year old version of extreme. There were a lot of bad moves. There was a lot of getting people to clap. I distinctly remember thinking ‘I am not cool in this moment. This is not a cool year for me’.

“There is a touch of footage online. If you like a laugh it’s quite funny”.

See the footage of Lorde with Extreme below.

Meanwhile, Lorde also made headlines this week when she responded to an impersonator fooling over 100 fans in New Zealand into thinking it was her performing – in the pitch black. She also delivered a parody of her new single ‘Green Light’, with the lyrics changed to be about Creme Eggs.

So far from Lorde’s new album ‘Melodrama’ we’ve heard launch single ‘Green Light‘ along with the piano ballad ‘Liability‘ – however she says that her next new track is her ‘favourite thing that she’s ever written‘.

‘Melodrama’ will be released on 16 June.