Lorde says effects of the #MeToo movement are ‘overdue and vital’

The singer tweeted in January 2017 that "old men in power have a storm coming"

Lorde has discussed the wave of sexual misconduct allegations that have shaken up the entertainment industry.

The #MeToo movement had a resurgence last year after numerous women came forward accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and harassment. The movie mogul has denied all claims.

In a new Billboard interview, the New Zealand pop star was reminded of a tweet she wrote in January 2017 that read: “Old men in power have a storm coming, the likes of which they cannot comprehend.” “My prophetic tweet!” she responded, before discussing the effects of the movement.

“What is really interesting and important about this moment is that every man I know is having to check himself – having to be aware of his misogynistic biases, having to re-examine his understanding of consent,” she said. “I think that is so overdue and vital.”

She continued: “It’s the kind of thing that only comes about when people are brave enough to share and really bring these dudes down. I think every woman is like, ‘Oh my God, it’s happening.'”

Lorde also noted that, while people were now listening to allegations of this nature, it doesn’t mean every woman is given the same attention. “A really important thing, that Gabrielle Union addressed eloquently, is that we can’t forget that white voices are given their moment much more willingly than voices of colour,” the singer said. “It’s so important to realise that people of colour weren’t afforded this luxury of having everybody listen always.

“But for me, it feels like one of those things where there’s this chasm that opens, and it’s never going to close. You don’t get to un-have this moment. This is forever, and the way that trickles down to everyone’s lives is a permanent thing.”

Meanwhile, Lorde was recently branded a ‘bigot’ in a full-page advert in the Washington Post, taken out by by ‘America’s rabbi’ Shmuley Boteach after the singer cancelled an Israel performance.

The ‘Green Light’ singer faced backlash after announcing a show in Israel, with fans arguing that the concert would act as an endorsement of Israel’s occupation of Palestine. She later cancelled the performance, writing in a statement that it is a dream of Lorde’s to visit Tel Aviv and that she was “truly sorry to reverse my commitment to come play for you”. It concluded: “I hope one day we can all dance. L x”.