Lorde tells fans her album is “going to take some time” after death of her dog Pearl

“He was instrumental to the discovery that was taking place"

Lorde has penned an emotional letter to fans explaining that the timetable for her next album has shifted following the death of her dog Pearl.

The singer-songwriter, who has been busy working on the follow-up to her 2017 album ‘Melodrama’, sent the lengthy note to subscribers of her newsletter.

Starting by explaining why she hasn’t written to her fans much as of late, Lorde said: “When we first met I would write little notes for you online, and they would form a big map that you would use to chart the constellations in my work. I realized a couple of years ago that I needed to rethink my relationship with posting random shit online all the time, so here we are, a little less in contact than we once were.”

The singer, real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor, went on to explain that her dog Pearl, who she adopted in 2018, passed away last month after battling a series of illnesses. “Pearl had two cardiac arrests about an hour apart, and after the second one, he died,” she wrote. “I was holding him when he went, and I know he knew that I was there. But this loss has been indescribably painful, and a light that was turned on for me has gone out.”

The ‘Green Light’ singer added that Pearl’s death has changed the timetable of her new album. “He was instrumental to the discovery that was taking place. I felt he led me towards the ideas. And it’s going to take some time and re-calibration, now that there’s no shepherd ahead of me, to see what the work is going to be.”

“So I’m asking for your patience, as 2020 comes around and you start to wonder where the next record is,” she continued. “I have lost my boy, and I need some time to see the good again, to finish making this for you. It won’t be the same work— as anyone who has felt loss can understand, there’s a door that opens that you step through, and everything is different on the other side. But when this great loss crystallizes inside me, and my chest rebuilds around it, hopefully I’ll be able to finish up, and share it with you, and we’ll all grow together, as we always do.”

The full letter was shared in a sub-reddit dedicated to the New Zealand singer-songwriter. You can read it here.

Earlier this month, Lorde‘s fans started a not-so-serious campaign to free the singer from prison, after New Zealand’s opposition party proposed a divisive school policy.

Local reports claimed the opposition National party was considering the idea of fining the parents of early-school leavers NZ$3,000 if it won next year’s election. The fine would be enforced on the parents of students who were not going onto further study or employment. At present, it is legal to leave school at 16 in New Zealand.

The proposal was slammed by critics as excessive, with many singling out Lorde in their examples. She was a student at Auckland’s Takapuna grammar school until 2013, when she left following the release of debut album ‘Pure Heroine’.