Lorde is already planning her third album

Her third album "will move firmly away from dancing"

Just two weeks after the release of her second album ‘Melodrama‘, Lorde has said that her forthcoming third album will “explore new worlds” and “will move firmly away from dancing”.

This was in response to a fan account that had highlighted how often ‘Melodrama’ mentions dancing, citing examples like “[dancing] on the light up floor”, “[dancing] with the truth” and “[dancing] in my storm” in several songs across the album.

Replying to the fan account’s tweet, Lorde wrote: “Wow lol I didn’t realise it was at this level”, and in another tweet she added: “Right now I literally live to dance and I’m so proud to have written my thesis on it this time – it’s religion/therapy/purgatory/heaven.”

In a series of tweets late yesterday evening (July 1) Lorde also expressed pride at her recent achievements, after she played seven countries in seven days for the first time. “If only you knew half the battles female artists gotta keep it only magnificent for you,” she wrote, adding: “I’m thriving.”

She also cited a tweet from 2015 – in which she had written: “Hey, men – do me and yourselves a favour, and don’t underestimate my skill” – as “the moment I decided to make a great fucking record”.

Lorde’s second album ‘Melodrama’ recently hit Number One on the album charts in America, Australia, Canada and Lorde’s home country, New Zealand.