Watch Lorde take on the ‘Hot Ones’ challenge: “I feel like I’m inside the internet”

She talks pop music, her new album and – of course – onion rings...

Lorde has taken on the popular ‘Hot Ones’ challenge – you can watch the clip below.

The singer, who releases her third album ‘Solar Power’ next month, tried a selection of spicy snacks while appearing in First We Feast‘s latest video.

“I feel like I’m inside the internet,” Lorde said at the start of the challenge. “It is a weird sensation to be here. It’s a little surreal, but I’m ready.”


Kicking things off with a “delicious wing”, the NZ artist spoke of being a “lyric nut” when it comes to music.

“As I get older, I find myself saying, ‘No actually I’m not gonna explain that song’,” Lorde said. “Not because I necessarily need it left to interpretation, but because it’s about something that’s very precious to me.”

The star also spoke of her love of cheese (“the zanier the better”), how she used the sound of cicada insects on her forthcoming record, and looked back on her performance at Glastonbury 2019.

Later, Lorde was asked about her “undercover” Instagram account on which she reviews onion rings – and what the key is to perfecting the recipe.

“I want an onion that has been cut thickly,” she replied. “I want a pretty crisp yet thick crust – I want it to have some substance. I guess I’d probably more be into a battered [onion ring] than a crumbed.


“I like a white onion, although I’ve had a few red onion rings that have caught my eye.”

Lorde was then asked what she believes is “sacred” about pop music: “I love writing a pop melody – there’s nothing better. For it to be simple but for it to be secretly complex and trick the brain… you can’t fake it; it’s a real experience.

“That feeling of being able to talk to a lot of people and to make something that is kind of high-brow but also can be enjoyed in really simple ways.”

You can watch the full ‘Hot Ones’ video above.

The title track from ‘Solar Power’ arrived last month, marking Lorde’s first new material since 2017’s acclaimed ‘Melodrama’. She followed it up last week with the delicate single ‘Stoned At The Nail Salon’.