Shots fired at Eurovision winners

Lordi come under fire in America

Eurovision heavy metal winners Lordi have been shot at while in America.

The band, who won the contest for Finland in 2005, were caught up in an armed robbery in Kentucky on Friday (October 26), when thieves opened fire on a post-show gathering.

Manager Rikk Scholvinck fled the scene as the shooters took aim at him after pulling up beside the band’s tourbus in a car and threatening fans.


One fan was even held at gunpoint by the thieves.

Frontman Mr Lordi told Blabbermouth: “Rikk ran to a bar and called the police who arrived soon. In a moment we were surrounded by like five police cars but the guys managed to escape.

“They were a group of drug addicts that had stolen the car earlier that night, and police were already looking for them, but have still not managed to catch them.”