Los Campesinos! to release new album ‘Hello Sadness’ on November 14

Welsh band also announce the departure of their violinist

Los Campesinos! have announced that they will release their fourth studio album ‘Hello Sadness’ on November 14.

The 10-track album was recorded in Girona in Spain earlier this year with producer John Goodmanson.

The band have described the album as “a bare bones documentation of breaking up”, saying of the record:

‘Hello Sadness’ is 10 songs of love, loss and heartbreak nail-gunned to a backdrop of broken, tangled bodies, creeping, dead-eyed animals, suffocating, looming shadows and World Cup exits. It is an honest, bare bones documentation of breaking up and trying not to break up in the process.

The Welsh band have also announced that their longtime violinist Harriet will leave the band after they play next month’s Bestival to continue with her studies.

The tracklisting for ‘Hello Sadness’ is as follows:

‘By Your Hand’
‘Songs About Your Girlfriend’
‘Hello Sadness’
‘Life Is A Longtime’
‘Every Defeat A Divorce (Three Lions)’
‘Hate For The Island’
‘The Black Bird, The Dark Slope’
‘To Tundra’
‘Baby I Got The Death Rattle’
‘Light Leaves, Dark Sees Pt II’