Los Campesinos! re-release ‘Never Kiss A Tory’ T-shirt following David Cameron dead pig claims

The piece of merchandise was originally printed in the build-up to the UK General Election in May

Los Campesinos! are reprinting their ‘Never Kiss A Tory’ T-shirts following recent allegations that British Prime Minister David Cameron put a private part of his anatomy in the mouth of a dead pig while at university.

The Cardiff-based band, who released their fifth album ‘No Blues’ in October 2013, originally sold the politically-motivated T-shirt in the build-up to the UK General Election in May.

Now, as DIY reports, the band have reprinted the shirt for a short period of time only. The merchandise features a picture of British Prime Minister David Cameron kissing a decapitated, rotting pig’s head and includes the phrase ‘Never Kiss A Tory’, which refers to a lyric from ‘The Sea Is A Good Place To Think About The Future’ off the band’s 2010 LP ‘Romance Is Boring’. See the image above.

Original proceeds from the T-shirt raised £6,000 for charities, The Trussell Trust, Refugee Council and Child Poverty Action Group charities. Purchase the T-shirt at the band’s webstore.

Speaking to Noisey, the band’s Rob Taylor – who designed the T-shirt, said: “Ironically, my original idea of Cameron french-kissing the rotting, dismembered head of Thatcher was deemed a little too crass. So we settled on something that seemed a little more symbolic. Sure, it was still gross, but so absurdist that it couldn’t really be all that offensive. Because it’s not like Cameron’s ever actually really going to engage in a romantic act with a dead pig’s head, right?”


The allegations about David Cameron are part of a new book written by the Conservative donor, Lord Ashcroft. Ashcroft’s unofficial biography of Cameron is titled Call Me Dave and involves claims that an MP has seen photographic evidence of the PM putting a private part of his body into a dead pig’s head as part of a Piers Gaveston initiation ritual at Oxford University.

A Downing Street spokesperson has declined to comment on the speculation with a party source saying that the alleged incident was “utter nonsense”.