Los Campesinos! announce second album details

The release comes only five months after their debut

Los Campesinos! have finished their second album just five months after releasing their debut ‘Hold On Now, Youngster’.

‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’, out October 13, was originally intended to be an EP, but has been extended to ten tracks after the band couldn’t decide which of the new songs to include.

Recorded in Seattle with producer John Goodmanson, the Welsh indie rockers say the release is “no post-album cash in”.

“It’s no B-sides and rarities or ‘songs that weren’t good enough to be on the album cobbled together with some remixes and field recordings of Cardiff‘s indie scene’. It’s ten all-new tracks that none of you have ever heard before,” the band explained.

“Sure, we considered re-releasing a radio-edit of ‘You! Me! Dancing!’ and trying to get famous and scraping another tour out of that, but our parents unanimously agreed that if we did they would never speak to us again.”

The tracklisting for the album is:

‘Ways To Make It Through The Wall’


‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’

‘Between An Erupting Earth And An Exploding Sky’

‘You’ll Need Those Fingers For Crossing’

‘It’s Never That Easy Though, Is It? (Song For The Other Kurt)’

‘The End Of The Asterisk’

‘Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown # 1’

‘Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time’

‘All Your Kayfabe Friends’