Los Campesinos! kick off North American tour

Los Angeles fans show their love for the Cardiff band

Los Campesinos! played the first of four North American dates last night (November 28) in Los Angeles, ripping through all of the current ‘Sticking Fingers into Sockets’ EP and offering up new tunes presumably intended for their forthcoming full-length ‘Hold On Now, Youngster…’

The crowd at the Echo was surprisingly familiar with the material, giddily clapping along and pogo-dancing with each frenetic beat of ‘International Tweexcore Underground’ and a popped-up cover of Pavement’s ‘Frontwards.’

Singer Gareth Campesinos seemed abashed by the adoration, and the occasionally impenetrable shyness of his between-song banter contrasted sharply with the entire band’s jubilant singing voices.

“The last few gigs we’ve played have been in mainland Europe,” Campesinos noted, “and after songs, instead of saying ‘Thank you,’ I’ve had to remember what language it was I’m supposed to be speaking. So now, here, I keep trying to speak a different language, even though I can speak like I normally do.”

After thanking the crowd for speaking English, he spurred his bandmates into a celebratory rendition of ‘We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives.’

The Cardiff band’s 45-minute set was preceded by a half-hour of similarly spunky art-rock from Canadian seven-piece The Most Serene Republic, playing impressive new numbers from their ‘Population’ LP.

Los Campesinos! tour continues tonight in San Francisco before moving on to New York and Boston.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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