Los Campesinos! reveal new album title

Band claims it's the 'best title for any album ever'

Cardiff seven-piece Los Campesinos! have revealed the title of their forthcoming debut album.

The record, due in early 2008, is to be called ‘Hold On Now, Youngster…’.

The announcement, made in a chatty posting to the band’s MySpace page, confirms that the album’s tracklisting has also been determined, but specifics were not made available.

The post did go so far as to assure us that the title was chosen because “it is the best title for any album ever”. Evidence is strong that the band truly believes this: it also used the title for a self-released EP from last year.

After wrapping up their current French tour, Los Campesinos! stop by the US and Canada for seven dates at the end of the month, beginning 27 November in Los Angeles.

An extensive British tour, possibly coinciding with the record’s release, is set for February.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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